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For $119.00 a month, medium or large businesses* get immediate access to the Empower Learning’s Platinum Library of interactive eLearning courses which includes unlimited access* to courses like:

Winning Customer Service

Handling Customer Complaints

Workplace Harassment and Violence

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Winning Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities (accessibility)

Accessible Websites

Management Training Series: ~coming soon~

New Manager Foundations ~now available~

Effective Communication

Team Building and Motivating Others

Handling Challenging Conversations

Conflict Management and Solutions

Coaching, Giving and Receiving Feedback

Performance Management

Dealing with Difficult Employees

Financial Literacy ~coming soon~

Negotiation Skills ~coming soon~

Writing Effective Emails ~coming soon~

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in the Workplace ~coming soon~

Confidentiality and Privacy ~coming soon~

*Medium businesses are 25 employees or less. Large businesses with more than 25 employees please contact us.

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Unlimited access to the Platinum Plus Library of eLearning courses is within the paid membership period.

Course list is subject to change without notice.

*Disclaimer: Empower Learning Solutions does not guarantee you will increase profitability, or have satisfied customers after taking our eLearning courses. Review the terms and conditions for details.

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People who work in these industries:

Food and Beverage Services


Professional Services

Real Estate

Agriculture, Farming, Forestry, and Fishing

Information Technology




Arts and Entertainment


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Most courses can be completed in less than half an hour.

The eLearning courses are interactive and engaging.

Do you own a medium or large business with 30 employees or less?

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A well-trained workforce enhances productivityefficiency, and overall performance, leading to increased customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability. Consider training and development as an investment, not an expense. 

Empower Learning makes it easy to keep your workers safe and compliant with mandatory government training and we keep our courses up-to-date with the latest legislative changes. 

Our library memberships are much less expensive than other companies offering the same training. You also get unlimited access to other courses that will benefit your workers resulting in better decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills.

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The Value of Investing in Training

Online Training Course Descriptions

Government Legislated and other Compliance Training

Workplace Harassment and Violence

* Required for most workers in Ontario

Learn how to recognize behaviours that are considered harassment or violent and know what to do if you are in those situations in the workplace.

Workplace Health & Safety

* Required for most workers in Ontario

Keep you and your coworkers safe in the workplace by learning how to recognize and protect yourself from common workplace hazards. 

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

* Required for most workers in Ontario

Learn how to read labels and Safety Data Sheets to keep you and your coworkers safe when using hazardous materials at work.

Winning Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities

* Required for most workers in Ontario

Provide excellent customer service to everyone! Learn how to engage and communicate with customers who have a disability, use assistive devices, use a service animal or have a support person.

Accessible Websites

Learn how to recognize various types of disabilities and website barriers. Build an awareness of legislative accessibility guidelines and learn how to design an accessible website that meets the WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines.

Customer Service Skills Training

Winning Customer Service

Be known for your excellent customer service skills by learning how to listen actively, communicate using verbal and non-verbal skills and how to manage and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Handling Customer Complaints

In this module, you will learn five simple steps to effectively handle a customer complaint. Learn how to turn a complaining customer into a loyal customer.

Management Skills Training

New Manager Foundations

You are a new manager and don’t know where to start. This course will give you foundational knowledge of the top priority skills to get you going in your role. 

Have A Course Idea

Want to learn a skill or knowledge that isn’t in one of our courses? Tell us what kind of training you would like to see and we’ll see what we can do. Send us your ideas on which eLearning courses you would like to see in the future.