Westjet’s Customer Service for People who have a Service Animal

I read a story on CBC about a boy who couldn’t travel on a plane with his service animal because the airline couldn’t confirm in advance whether the service animal could fly on the plane.

This upset me because the family ended up having to leave the service dog at home and as a result the boy and his family didn’t have the vacation of their dreams because of the struggles the boy endured without having  the coping tools that his service dog provided.

A large corporation, like an WestJet, should have accessibility training in place; which includes the guidelines for how to serve customers with service animals.

Don’t be that business! Don’t ruin a family’s vacation or other experience because you or your workers just don’t know. It’s unacceptable when there is training available.

Get your workers trained on the legislative requirements an how to help your customers with disabilities.

Get trained with Empower Learning. It’s affordable, easy and all online.

Serving customers with guide dogs or service animals. Know what's required by law. Learn the dos and don'ts. Get trained!